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This story comes from a gal that is sitting on the couch with her parents on a Thursday night, with the windows open and October 1st is on its’ way. The first of October has to be one of the greatest days of the year. This day begins the anticipation of a wonderful season. Crisp air and humble smells greet those who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival. But before we get too excited on what is ahead, I want to take time to rejoice in the events that surprised me in September.

The first of September welcomed me with dear friends gathered together in celebration of our dearest mentor, Liza Miller (now LIZA BELL eep). A kitchen table was filled with laughter and memories as we all declared truth over our gal and graciously thanked her for being our greatest support and loyal friend.

My soul was refreshed quickly before I found myself on another plane headed back to the northeast. Stepping off of the plane, I was warmly welcomed to North Carolina by my girl, Kaylee, sign in hand and all. She dashed out of her car with the biggest smile and hug. We both are thankful for the Lord’s kindness in allowing me to visit North Carolina for work and coming a day early to play in this new city. We explored Raleigh on BIRD scooters, laughing the whole way. In a spur of the moment decision, we we ended up spending our Labor Day at the beach, just two hours away. The roar of the waves quieted our souls as we took Sabbath on that beloved Monday.

After a day of rest, I was then warmly greeted by beloved Chi Omega co-workers, where ten of us visited Duke University. For a week, this team laughed, cried and even handed out Chick-Fil-A nuggets. Each of us, unique and crafted in our own way of course, was challenged and strengthened on this visit. We each had the opportunity to reflect on the impact Chi Omega has had on our lives while we invited new women to join in on the sisterhood. But when I think about that visit, I think of the bonds each of us got to share with each other. Oh the number of inside jokes and belly laughs will forever hold a dear spot.

The trip abruptly ended as Hurricane Florence made its way to the east coast. After being on hold with the airline, we managed to change my flight to get home early before a very important wedding I would be attending that weekend.

The Lord was kind to give me a couple of days at home before the weekend that was awaiting me. That weekend was filled with many emotions: sadness, happiness, excitement and disbelief.

That weekend was filled with excitement because my dearest friend LIZA got married. Oh the reunion of people and many worlds colliding, the dance floor was filled with excitement. When I look back onto that night, I still cannot get over it. Liza and Clayton Bell, you know how to throw a party! Thank you for celebrating your people well. Little did I know, almost everyone at this wedding new what was coming for me the next day.

My goodness, I still cannot believe that Daniel asked me to marry him!! What was like a normal Sunday afternoon soon turned into such a sweet day of celebration. Daniel took me to the Dallas Arboretum, which is a symbolic place in our relationship. He walked me around before he brought me to a beautiful spot filled with Magnolia trees before her knelt down to ask me to be his wife!

Our friends and family eagerly awaited our arrival. Oh the overwhelming gratitude that my heart felt as I had childhood friends, co-workers, roommates, mentors, and a dear friend from Guatemala there, smiles and all.

As the month continued on, the Lord consistently reminded me of His faithfulness through a simple Saturday morning watching college football with my family, wedding dress shopping with my mom, soon to be mother-in-law and sisters, sitting in a new house with a dear mentor while we relish together, or sweet pillow talk with my friends. The Lord loudly reminded me of His sweet truth.

Where in years past, the month of September served a bitter reminder. What the Lord did this year was redeem September. This month now turned bittersweet as He gently reminded me of the past but guided me into a glimpse of what is to come.

I share this with you all to ask for you to be on my team. Dear friends, you see, I am quick to put on a facade. I am quick to tell you that I have my “ish” altogether and that I am highly capable. But let me tell you, I hit a breaking point today. My mind and body is incredibly weary. Even in the celebration, my soul is weary. So I share this with you to take the load off of my mind and heart and to take an exhale.

Thank you. Thank you for letting me exhale with you all. My hope is that you do the same. At this point in the year, I think we all need some margin to do a brain dump. I urge you friend to do so and pray that it is ever so refreshing to your soul.

Now, to ring in the best day of the year, enjoy this funny video of sophomore year of college Courtney celebrating October 1. Dearest October, we welcome your crimson sunsets, crisp morning breeze and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins.

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