Sitting in the darkness of my room, I begin to ponder on October. The window has been opened all day, the breeze catching itself in my room. The aroma of autumn is crisp and cool and fresh, giving me such a lovely reminder of the transition in a season. Today, I went on a walk with my mom and dog, which is when I noticed something: we are in transition. I look up to see the trees change from green to bright yellows, reds, and oranges. The captivating sight caught my glance where it stopped me dead in my tracks, taking a hard look at the leaves. How can this be?! All colors are captured at one time! This truthfully the first time that I have witnessed the change in the season.

The Lord has been kind to give us October. It was filled with many memories and sweet transition. This month held preparation for Gather & Grow, buying my wedding dress, asking people to be on my team, and traveling to Waco for Silobration. Reflection, Rejoicing, and Redemption spilled over in the month of October, and this season's abundance has aided in my freedom and healing.

My heart hopes that as the weather begins to be crisp and cool, you are able to walk into your own freedom. Thank you October for letting us recognize transition. November will have lessons of its’ own. Here’s to you Autumn, you have a lot to offer these human through your beloved leaves, aromas and breezes.

courtney wetzel