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Before I began traveling for Chi Omega, my hope for my blog would be to give the different women that I meet on the road a platform to share their story. During my time at UNT, I met a college gal name Sierra. After a conversation, Sierra asked to meet up. After our time of chatting about our walks, our passions and our dreams, I knew I wanted Sierra to share her story. This gal is starting her own YouTube channel. You cannot miss her story!

I think I got my first journal at one of the book fairs my school had. It was glittery pink with a monkey on the front and it had a mini lock on the side for all the privacy my elementary life needed. I remember filling it with short stories, pictures, and the details of my days. I was so excited to get home each day to fill in those blank pages. I didn’t know then, when I handed over my five dollars, that I was beginning a habit that would benefit my life forever.

As I got older I realized how deeply I loved writing. Poems, short stories, letters to my future, whatever it was. I just needed to write. Aside from theatre, it was my best outlet and safest space. I was adding more and more filled journals to my bookshelf and they became my most prized possessions. Each of them holding a new chapter of my life, perfectly cataloged and filled with raw emotions.

When I found Jesus in the summer between my Junior and Senior year of high school, I used my journals to log questions I had as I struggled my way through the new relationship. I was so confused about who Jesus was and what He wanted for me. I knew He existed, but I had been okay without His constant presence in my life that far… until I wasn’t. The more I read, the more intimate and raw conversations I had with Him. The more I realized that I was never truly without Him, the more I immersed myself in community.He was always in my corner, cheering me on, protecting me, and waiting for the moment that I ran to Him. The more I got to know His heart, the more I realized how beautiful that moment was for Him. See, sometimes I forget that God feels triumph and heartache just like the rest of us. When I realized that He rejoiced in the moment His daughter ran home, I wanted to do everything in my power to make Him feel that way every day.

When I was 17 I started a blog. The Lord gave me the beautiful gift of vulnerability and the love of writing. I put those things together and aired it all on my website. I was so excited about it. I felt like I was answering God’s call to create. My heart was in line with His and we were going on that journey together. Then the enemy appeared. He told me that I wasn’t good enough and that my words didn’t matter. So I gave up. I let my busy college schedule and fear of rejection stop me from resting in the fullness of God’s plan. Then I sat before God, lost in my purpose, and asked once more. What do you want from me? Quickly after, I started my YouTube channel titled Sierra In Life.

Now I sit in front of my camera so filled with expectancy. I am expectant that He is going to give me the words to speak. That He won’t change my personality but use it. That He will guide me. And in the times when Satan places his destructive plans on my heart, that the Lord will graciously break those chains for me.  

I say all that for this one reason. Whatever your soul purpose it, follow it. For my people who feel like they haven’t found one, that is okay! God is not in the business of leaving us empty handed. He comes to redeem, restore, and refill every broken place and empty cup. Sit at His feet expectant and excited. He is good, and He is giving. He wants to fill you.

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