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This morning, I am pleased to share with you my dear friend and co-worker, Maycee Jones. This friend of mine graduated from Oklahoma State University where she served as the president of Chi Omega. When I met Maycee back in January at our interview, I noticed her ability to gather people together in a captivating way that allows us all to be our selves. Maycee instantly shared with us her fun quirks and passions like her love of meat (like she can tell a lot about different cuts of meat) and her love of crossword puzzles. During training, she shared a story during one of her presentations. Instantly, I knew I wanted her to share this story with you all.  

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to finally take the Chi Omega stickers off my car. Apparently this is a common tradition at some schools, and a way to show your Greek organization pride. But at OSU, you’re not even in a sorority unless you have Greek letters on your car. On the other hand, you aren’t an alumna until you take them off.

I had been avoiding taking them off all semester, and I couldn’t really understand why because they were just “meaningless stickers." But, every time I planned to take them off, I came up with an excuse to no take them off. On this day though, I was finally ready and out of excuses. So, I got my bucket of soap and my sponge to start the long, sentimental trek out to my car, with Shades playing in my head. As I start to scrub more and more, I realized these letters were not coming off at all. In fact they’ve melted to my back windshield, with an imprint that was stuck there forever.

After about 10 minutes of intense scrubbing, some sweat, and a little frustration, two questions popped into my head: 1) Why are these letters so hard to take off? Like actually what kind of adhesive is on these stickers? and 2) Why are these letters so hard to take off? How can two little stickers have so much meaning to me?

When I started really thinking about it, I thought about how long these stickers had been on my car- Bid Day of 2014. I distinctively remember that day; after all the celebration and excitement, the first thing I did was race out to my car singing my new favorite Chi Omega chant to put on these same stickers on my car and let the world know that I was a Chi Omega.

Four years later as I am struggling to take them off in more ways than one, I realized Chi Omega has been with me from the the very beginning and remained consistent through my proudest moments and my hardest defeats. Chi Omega has been there in the ways of friendships, inspiration, opportunities, personal growth, and everything in between.

Now, just like the stickers on my car, Chi Omega is not going anywhere, even after my college days are done. It has imprinted me in a way that will stay with me through every storm, car wash, and road trip; it will be with me through every mile of life.

courtney wetzel