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Having people on your team is something special.

My tendency is to run and do and be and achieve. This summer, I was humbled by a high school student. It was one night at camp with an opportunity to wash others feet. A dear freshman friend came up to me and asked me to wash my feet. Loud and clear, the Lord told me,

“Courtney this year, I need to you invite people in and let them help you. It doesn't matter how old they are or what they do, you need to let them help you.”

From that moment on Thursday night in the summer, I have been able to slowly but surely let people in. Sometimes I selflessly wonder why I am not being celebrated or why I feel so stinking lonely. What I’ve come to realize is that I do not allow for people to come celebrate me nor do I tell them what is happening in my life.

So much so I try to preserve this humility in life so that I do not come off as boastful. But little do I know, that inside my sin of pride is welling up. I am doing much more destruction than good.

All of this to say, every story has a backstory. Upon the semester, I realized that I was tackling much more than my own self could handle. With writing every week, I thought that it would be wise to bring in an extra set of eyes who I adored and trusted to review my words.

Thinking about this person who I would ask for help, I quickly was directed to Rinnie girl. A dear friend of mine, Corinne Caraway, is a gifted writer and creator. She appreciates beautiful works of art and creates many wonderful stories. Because of a simple question of favor, I've been able to share my heart with her over the last three months. Being the first to read and hear my words, our friendship has deepened and grown. With all of this to say, I wanted to write a letter to my editor.

Dear Rinne,

You have seen my words before I pressed the beloved “publish” button. You were invited into the deepest parts of my heart without me evening speaking them aloud- both being powerful things. You have fixed my grammar and rearranged my words. But much more than that, you have allowed me to practice asking for help. This has been a big step for me, and you humbly accepted the task.

Rinne, you are gifted and talented. Your heart is ready to serve and gives incredible encouragement. A simple habit, of writing and posting, that I have gotten comfortable with is something that I am convinced does not burden you.

The way you use your gifts and talents to bless those around you is something that I admire greatly about you. Press into that gift and I will continue to pray for boldness to execute it.

Thank you for not only being my editor but my friend as well. It is a joy to know you. Go change the world Rinne girl, one word at a time.

Dearest friends, find people on your team and allow them in. You will not regret it, I promise. 

Photos by Audrey Spiars

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