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This month will be all things Guatemala. The month of July tends to be one of my favorites. Growing up, I never really was a fan of summer, mainly because I could not fathom doing absolutely nothing. So, sweet Courtney Marie had a hard time filling her time without the anxious fear of whether or not she was filling it productively. It was not until six summers ago that I fell in love with the anticipation of summer, and the sweet reunions it began to bring me.

My love for storytelling began during my first trip to Guatemala. In four days, the beloved reunion with dear friends will begin once again. Year after year, this reunion fills my heart with a longing that lingers all 355 days I am apart from my Guatemalan friends. Every time I return home from this trip, I have stories swarming my mind. I ache with the desire to tell the stories my new friends share with me, an ache to give them a voice. It was on my first trip to Guatemala that I believed everyone had a story to be heard.

In a few short days, I load on a plane that I have taken plenty of times, to get on a bus that will go on a path that I know well, to return to a village that has forever left an impact on my heart. This village is tucked away in the mountains, protected by the rolling hills and trees.

If I can ask for any help at all, prayer would be it. There is nothing that I can do nor my team can do by our own power. It will only be possible through the surrendering of myself and the leaning on His perfect power and plan. Join me in this journey of letting His will be done.

Oh the stories that are awaiting. This month, I want to invite each of you into just a bit of my heart through stories of individuals that have a story to be heard.

When I think of this reunion my mind likes to imagine what the reunion in Heaven will one day be like. My hope is that the Ultimate reunion will have all of His beloved people lined on the street on both sides, making a hand tunnel, cheering loudly, and arms ready for a steady hug. That, my friends, is a welcome home.

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