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Hey, Hi, & Hello,

Our sweet storyteller has asked me to come take a spot at her table, and there is no better way to do that than to share something in my own words. First, I feel it is important for me to say that I am lucky to be a friend and confidant of Courtney Marie Wetzel. It is a great joy and pleasure of mine to be the trusted set of eyes that gets to edit the stories Court shares with you. She is a true dreamer, and I often feel that come through in her writing; I hope you do too.

Like most twenty-somethings I know, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying figure out who I am supposed to be, or what I am supposed to be. For the past few years, I’ve summed up my career path into one vague and solid word - writer. Writing is the one skill I have claimed to be a little more than average in, and the variety of proper jobs it offers made me believe that writer was a title I could always wear, no matter how I was doing it. Somewhere along the way, writer became interchangeable with storyteller, and without thinking much about it, I took that title on as well. Listening to me recount happenings in my hometown, memories from abroad, or daily adventures to Target might convince you that storyteller is a more than appropriate thing to label me, but I think my Maker would disagree.

Unlike most twenty-somethings I know, I’ve become a lot less concerned with who I think I’m supposed to be, or what I think I’m supposed to be, and much more concerned with who God made me to be. As I spend more time with my Creator, I’ve been asking which parts of Him I am a reflection of, and to my surprise I haven’t heard what I thought I would. In the realm of writing, there are many careers to explore, but there are also many roles that need to be filled. What I’ve been discovering about myself recently is that I’m more of a storymaker than a storyteller. I am full of historical context, pop culture references, and other people’s stories. My mind pulls everything together, and works in overtime to see the connections these things form between moments and people. I know this ability of mine is not a skill I learned in school and became a little more than average in; it is a gift, a reflection of the best Storymaker I know.

I love the Old Testament for the simple reason that it reads like an adventure book, but it actually happened. Kings, queens, love, war, prophets- honestly, what more could you want in a story, much less a historical account of the ancient world? Here’s how I know God isn’t just a storyteller, but a storymaker too; to read and understand the Old Testament means you can see Jesus coming from miles away. The past was orchestrated so intricately that there is no way to question what came to pass. The people who believed Jesus was who He said He was were the ones who knew the history of their people, who were promised a savior by the One writing the story. I have always seen the benefit in looking back to see what could be coming next. Maybe that’s why I enjoy editing, because it always seems to boil down to looking back. It’s the act of going back through a story until every word carries purpose and weight, and that’s what I get to do for Courtney every time she wants to put a story out into the world.



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