One of my favorite things are the moments that I am able to witness my people thrive. There is something about the journey of a dream and the moment in which is it able to come into fruition. Carrington Sinclair is a young woman whose heart leaps at the idea of gatherings. Carrington believes in the whole+ness that a gathering can bring. 

Carrington knows and seeks truth to the end. In every aspect of life, she is able to cultivate joy and adventure. Her desires and dreams are larger than life. Carrington has taught me the position of open hands. She realizes the vital thought of taking thoughts captive and holding loosely to passions and dreams. I can remember talking to Carrington last summer over a fresh meal at First Watch in College Station. We both sat, excited and giddy, filled with ideas to tackle the year with. 

From that moment on, I have seen the Lord do a tremendous work in Carrington's life. Strength, integrity and consistency is what I would say has transformed her life over the last 8 moths. Calling her friend is a privilege- to celebrate her victories and brainstorm in the pits. 

Together, we learned the power of being a C R E A T I V E. There is something vulnerable and exposing about allowing your creative talents and passion to come to the surface of reality, available for all to see. Carrington and I surrendered our doubts and fear to the liberating freedom there is in being proactive. We leaned in close, curious, to see what the potential of our minuscule dream, not even knowing our capacity of what could be. 

Watching Carrington's dream come to life over the year is a reminder of what community is made for. Experiencing her vision of gatherings and freshness is motivating. Her passion exudes comfort and peace. So I stand, behind and beside Carrington, as her story continues to unfold. 

Here I stop, allowing you all to take a look into the story of Carrington Sinclair. Let her surprise you all in the way that she views this life. Invite her into your life, your own story-- she won't disappoint.

courtney wetzel