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Audrey Spiars is a doer. She is creative and has an eye for beauty in a mundane world. She is bold and pushes me beyond my limits to worry less and just be. Boy oh boy does an abundance of life flow from such a liberating statement, "just be." Over spring break, Aud and I were able to receive an refreshing take on life. Deep and full conversations were had and specifically conversations that we will ever hold dear to our hearts.

Little Aud is a leader that exudes a liberating persona. There is a sense of F R E E D O M that comes from her. When I talk to Aud, I feel like anything is possible. She believes in people and is a steadfast fan.

This morning, we sat in reflection and celebration over this last year. I was encouraged, of course, by her mature realizations.

As the words flowed off of her lips, I looked at her a little differently. With another perspective I saw a daughter, a friend, a sister, a mentor, a roommate, a student and a leader. When I looked at her and listened to her heart pouring out over our breakfast, I was proud. I stopped to think if this is what our Father must feel like. Because to hear the year that Aud experienced and the way in which she sees this life, I am in awe- speechless. I want to proclaim to everyone that I know, that sweet Audrey is a good and a faithful servant. 

When Audrey walks into the room, there is freedom. She surrenders her life out of the hands of her own and into the hands of the most powerful. Friends, this is how we should live. Walking in freedom and surrendering our baggage. Let go and obey people. Really, speaking to myself and find myself hearing these words come from Aud without her knowing. 

To know Aud, is to know God. Simple as that. 


courtney wetzel