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Back in October, two dear friends of mine got engaged. It was a beautiful, crisp October night, and it was such a honor to be part of it. 210 steps up was an overlook that was a 360 degree view of Wimberly, soon to be hometown to the Winkelmann’s. Butterflies flew all around the overlook just as the sun was setting.

Finally, Grant and Carrington reached the top of the hill. “Are you kidding,” keeps coming from my dear friend Carrington. Over and over she repeats that phrase as Grant pulls out the ring. Pure joy and admiration shoot across Carri’s face. Slowly, I creep out from the bushes in utter excitement. I just witnessed my dearest friend get engaged.

We are now one week away from the big day. “Are you kidding,” is still the phrase that Carrington, and many others, are using as the day approaches.

This week, Grant and Carrington will be making a covenant, vowing themselves to each other. This covenant is a gift from God to be used to serve His Kingdom.

In my own heart, I can see the idolization in the idea of a “wedding.” The wedding day is, indeed, special in the way that it symbolizes and declares solemn vows and promises, yet it is just the beginning. That day marks the journey ahead in the new chapter called Marriage. Now see, marriage is what we should be celebrating, not the wedding. The marriage covenant is what should be prayed for and admired.

This does not discount the beautiful ceremony and celebration that will take place, because that is important, too. However, our energy and excitement should lie in the beginning of the beautiful story that our two friends will be starting..

To my friends this week, I pray for the declaration of your love that you will be making in just a few short days. I pray that this week you embrace and celebrate the anticipation to the lifelong “friend” that you two will have in each other. Grant and Carrington, it is a honor to be on your team in this journey. My job is not complete once the wedding ends. The night of the wedding only signifies the beginning of my duty of praying on my hands and knees for your marriage and life.

Grant and Carrington are two people who are ready to serve. These two, together, are forces to be reckoned with. Follow these two on their new journey as the Farmer&I.

Photos by Audrey Spiars

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