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I honestly love eating much more than I love cooking, so for a long time I viewed cooking as a chore. A couple things slowly changed that for me - first by discovering that cooking is much more fun when you ditch the recipe. I love the creativity found outside of the recipe lines. The second is that cooking is way more enjoyable when you make it about people. It’s pretty cool that cooking allows you to quite literally offer plated nourishment made with your own hands and creativity to someone else.


I had a bunch of extra veggies that I needed to use up so I decided to experiment. I dumped them all in a skillet with some eggs and my fritata was born! I love to make them because I can customize them to anyone’s tastes - it’s super easy to omit or add anything in.

I had wanted a skillet for a while - not just because I secretly wanted to be Rapunzel from Tangled, but also because I was excited by the variety of things you could make with it.

I have a secret for cutting peppers so that you don’t have to scrape all of the seeds off the insides. First, you cut a wide circle into the top and around the stem of the pepper. After this, cut  lengthwise down the pepper from the top of the circle to the bottom. When you peel open the pepper, the center with all of the seeds in it will stay intact and come out without a mess.

  • Breakfast fritata:
    • Bacon, eggs, cheese, potato, tomato

    • You can add meat such as turkey, sausage, or chicken.

    • Veggie ideas:

      • Brussels sprouts

      • Sweet potatoes

      • Tomatoes

      • Cauliflower/ Cauliflower rice

      • Broccoli

      • Onion

      • Mushrooms

      • Spinach

      • Peppers 

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