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Hello dear friends, Courtney Marie here! I wanted to take the time to introduce more of who I am and why I am here. Just last week I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Communication with a minor in Journalism. For the next year, I get the privilege and honor of being a National Leadership Consultant for Chi Omega. Within the year, I get to travel to different chapters all over the U.S. and meet wonderful women.

You know that song in the Sound of Music when Maria has all of the children in her bedroom in the middle of the storm? You know, that song that lists all of her favorite things? Probably the greatest scene in all of film history. If I could sing this song, I would say that a few of my favorite things are guacamole and banana chips, early morning runs and the autumn season. Oldies music and the sweet corner in my bedroom that sits the most perfect spot to watch the sunrise each morning. Watching movies I never get tired of, like The Parent Trap and You've Got Mail, with my parents into the latest parts of the night. Fresh cut flowers sitting in a beautiful vase is a refreshing sight. Recalling your favorite things can only align one's heart to a sincere gratitude.

My goodness, it is fun to have a place to share my thoughts and create a space for community. There is a desire to create a dialogue well beyond the Mondays that I share these stories. Words are special tools that create a beautiful story that aid in a beautiful commodore.


My desire for this section, that is also known as JOURNAL, is to share what I am learning. These are personal testimonies that proclaim Faithfulness. My desire is to express comfort and understanding to each of you. Are you familiar with that classic hymn, This is my Story? This section is named after that song, the title proclaiming a freedom and confidence. During my reflection time, I am revealed many marvelous things that I cannot keep to myself. With that, I want to invite other people into the depths of my heart.


I believe that everyone has a story nestled deep inside of them. Each person has a beautiful story that needs to be heard. These STORIES are ones that should not be left unsaid. It is easy for me to write about my people. I see their eyes and the effort that they exude in life is apparent. Many of my people have talents that are beyond me that I cannot help but share. Everyone should be celebrated, and I desire to create a platform for them. There is something special about a story that one can connect with. The design of STORIES is to create a space for community. Do you have a story that needs to be shared? I would love to listen and share.

courtney wetzel