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Can we all just take an collective exhale? Everyone with me now… breathe in, and now exhale.

Wow, doesn’t that feel better? I bet you this was the longest you sat still. To be honest, that is true of me. It is funny because I H A R P on people finding rest and pursuing a sabbath time. My inner self believes in it and achieves it, but more often than not, rest becomes an item to check off.

There is also something about this specific time in the semester that has just put me in a funk. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it has been rainy and cloudy for a couple of weeks, but then there are moments when the sun breaks through the clouds at the end of the day. A crisp breeze whistles through my window and brushes my drapes. The air around me is cool, and I cling on that moment as a reminder that I am not forgotten, and that today is not just another mundane day. The birds sing a sweet song that serves as a reminder that I, too, am cared for.

Isn't it funny that I encourage you all to take rest and sabbath seriously yet I am here looking at the clock to when my sabbath time is complete so that I can tackle the work that is captivating my thoughts?

Here, I find myself again. It seems to me that the only place that I can slow down is my blue chair in the corner of my room. To the left of me is a window that over looks my backyard and the street of Fidelity. Right now, the sun is out, giving me a glimpse of what is in store for the season ahead. A natural dose of relief fills my soul because here is where I can slow down.

My thoughts lately have seemed repetitive, maybe because there's still a lesson here I need to take ahold of. There is something in me that is running, sprinting after a slower pace. See the dichotomy there?

One Wednesday morning on my sabbath, I was reading an excerpt out of this book, Chasing Slow, that I want to leave you all with:

Since my fear of failure, since my fear of being left behind, being irrelevant, being less than good, I have been curtsying. I have been bowing in the name of work ethic. In the name of productivity. In the name of self-actualization and self worth and happiness.

And I have decided to shift my eyes upward, to raise my head, to dust off my knees, and to walk swiftly in the opposite direction.

In the changing of the seasons, from winter to spring, allow yourself to linger in the newness and growth that is ahead. Bask in the breeze and the sun, because you are enough, my friend.

courtney wetzel