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This spring, I was reading through the Bible chronologically, and sat in the Psalms for a time. Reading it chronologically gave me a new story and perspective of where the cries of David’s heart came from. What intrigued me most was the heart of David. He was being chased and plotted to be killed. You saw the small heart transformations and postures that the Lord was giving to David through his cries for help. You see David crying out to the Lord in despair and in fear, but then David simply praises. David begins to praise the Lord’s character and declares truth aloud.

This season, my heart felt in tune with David’s. Sure, I was not being chased by Kings or fleeing from my own country or leading armies, but the battle and fight that was waging war in my heart was just as real.

One evening, my husband, Daniel, and I were talking about our creative ideas we had for the summer. Being a worship pastor, Daniel wanted to think of something new that he could incorporate into the summer. He came up with the idea of reading a new Psalm each week. It brought me to another idea that we could make it into a series- A Summer in the Psalms.

So, we come to you with this idea of the Summer in the Psalms. As Daniel uses the idea in his arena of influence, I want to bring this before you, dear friend. This summer, we will take a journey through different Psalms to gain an arsenal to simply put in our pocket as we gain truth and wisdom. May we create a space, this summer, to create our own heart cries as we learn from David.

I want to hear from you over the summer as we take this journey. Share with me, and your people, what each Psalm means to you and what sticks out. Use the hashtag #summerpsalms to share. Expectant and eager to share the summer with you.


courtney wetzel