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Last semester, Hurricane Harvey came through at the beginning of the semester that postponed the start of school for two days. There was momentum from coming out of the summer and into recruitment that had me ready to start school.

The delay of school put my hustling heart into a panic where the only task on the agenda was to sit. For two days, my soul wrestled with the thought of sitting so much that I could not allow myself to enjoy it.

Isn’t that such an issue? My own soul can not sit still, and has the desire to get ahead. There was no need to strive ahead, and yet there was a desire to S T R I V E.

Last week was the beginning of my last semester of college. I got into town and immediately began to hustle with executive training and hosting our Regional Director. My heart is thrilled at the opportunity to do so because I find worth in the honor. Once those duties were complete, my mind went on to get started in school. I began to write out my calendar, get my agenda straight, and dream of my routine.

Of course, Texas decides to have a winter. With winter comes winter weather of sleet and snow. Sure enough, the first day of classes were cancelled. The heart of the student is thrilled, but the soul of the hustler is bummed.

W H Y?

When the notifications of class cancelled made its way through the university, I was already thinking of ways to fill my time. To be honest, this semester is the easiest class schedule yet. I am anxious. I like to fill my time and keep myself busy to earn my worth.

If anything else, the Lord is continuing to remind me that I must surrender my self worth to Him. Time and time again, He is reminding me in the most simple of ways.

Dear friends, let us remember that slow and steady indeed wins the race. This soul has no need to hustle or sprint off. Praise God for that day off and pray for more to come.

courtney wetzel