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A year ago I traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, where I interviewed for a job with Chi Omega National Headquarters. For 48-hours, ten women traveled from all over the United States for an opportunity to be a National Leadership Consultant. Little did we know that our “yes” to Chi Omega during our time as a collegian at our respective universities would soon unite us together. Ten strangers became ten friends, ten advocates, ten supporters, and ten co-workers.

Right now, many Chi Omega chapters across the country are inviting women into their beloved sisterhood. Many women are saying “yes” to Chi Omega right now, with no idea what is ahead for them. What an overwhelming thought, to think of the many women are being cared for by the wonderful tool of Chi Omega, now at their fingertips.

You see, a lot can happen in a year. For me, I said yes to a job, graduated college, moved back home, started traveling, met new people, got engaged, stood beside beautiful brides, held babies, celebrated life, reunited with Guatemala friends, and grew in faith. A year after saying yes to a job, I begin my journey of saying yes to another job for another adventure on another journey that will give me the same adrenalin that Chi Omega so gave. It will be different, but I am confident in thrill of the unknown.

Chi Omega is a platform used to cultivate women to go out to do hard and holy things. This is what I shared with my dear women of Xi Kappa, and now every chapter that I meet while I travel. This simple idea stands true across the board. When I think of the ten women that I met during the interview, all sitting in the Owl’s Nest at Headquarters, a common place that we could grasp, this idea is affirmed. Each Chi Omega chapter, large and small, makes a lasting impact on a woman's life. Chi Omega is used to create dreamers, risk takers, and go-getters.


This organization has cultivated me in my creative endeavors and in my leadership. Chi Omega has allowed me to walk confidently in who I was made to be. I have been given countless opportunities to speak, to encourage, and to serve. A year ago, I did not think my time with Chi Omega was complete, yet I confused myself into wanting to say no to this opportunity that I am now experiencing. As I begin to slow down the role on my travels, and my time as a consultant comes to a close, I begin to see my time shifting. Though I may not be serving Chi Omega in ways that are familiar to me come April, I know I am not done yet.

Think back to your “yes” moments. Maybe these moments you wanted to say “no,”  but now you find yourself in the greatest position of saying yes. Read with me some of the responses of friends that have found their “yes” moments.

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