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I write to you from a tiny corner in a Starbucks with an overflowing heart. Just four months ago, this corner of Starbucks witnessed my tears, my anxiety and my worry as I was preparing for the moments that I have now completed. Now, I am looking down the mountain at the path I have ventured. No need to declare victory but to proclaim gratitude for the opportunities that have graciously presented themselves.

This past weekend, I was given a leadership opportunity in Chi Omega. But really, I boldy emailed and asked if I could join The Eleusis Editorial Board meeting. Nonetheless, I found myself around a table in Memphis with brilliantly creative women. Layouts and spreads layered the conference table. Stories and upon stories that serve as precious memories to these women serve as sweet sweet history to me.

Many people ask me, “why are you so quiet.” You want to know my secret? I am observing, completely content soaking in every moment in as I can. As I observe, special phrases and “aha” moments cultivate right before my eyes, all thanks to my nature to sit back.

In my observation this weekend, I realized something. My simple yes to Chi Omega in the fall of 2014 has unfolded countless moments and opportunities. Saying yes to Chi Omega meant saying yes to my bridesmaids, a physical home for two years, new friends and leadership roles. Saying yes to Chi Omega gave me a job out of college. Saying yes to Chi Omega meant growth, accountability, confidence and a sense of self.

This simple yes to Chi Omega allowed me to board many planes, see many states and eat many meals in airports. This yes gave me Sisters that I have yearned sense I was a little girl. The yes to Chi Omega yielded abundance in the moments of a dry and weary land. This yes gave me many memories, many inside jokes and many lessons.

In my job as a National Leadership Consultant, that yes gave the opportunity to look women in the eyes and declare truth. This yes continues to encourage me to work earnestly, speak kindly and act sincerely. Because of my yes to Chi Omega, I have my welfare looked after as I keep the welfare of others ever at heart.

Saying yes to Chi Omega gave me the opportunity to sit around a conference table with highly respected women that have selflessly served the organization.

This yes holds the key to “abundantly more” that the Lord began to give me visions of. And I am not done saying yes to Chi Omega. Saying yes to Chi Omega means so much more to me now than I ever anticipated.

What is your yes moment that has continued to surprise you time and time again?

courtney wetzel