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You know what is hard? Running in your own lane. Somedays I wish I was blindfolded, not swayed by what someone else is doing. I get fixated on what others are up to and what I am not accomplishing. What if, my eyes were off of comparison but captivated by celebration.

One summer night I was sitting on the couch with my friend Jess and her daughter Fynley. Fyn sprawled tiny body across us with her curly hair placed on my lap and her tiny toes pressed on her mommy. We were all just sitting in silence that was occasionally interrupted by the giggles. All the while, Jess held Fynley’s feet and began to say,

“Courtney, these feet run fast. The Lord made Fynley to run fast and train hard. The Lord made her to do those things and she does them well.”

From that moment on, that exchange has left an imprint on my heart. “The Lord made her to do those things and she does them well.”

Being a creative is hard. Constantly moving and trying and being and advancing. Never can catch a break because this realm is evolving. In the realm I surround myself with is filled with a mutlitude of creative women and men. For sometime, I felt when others were succeeding they were snatching my opportunities. With the mindset that I configured, it built in me bitterness and resentment.

What if, what if, we changed our perspective? What if we celebrated people like that? Even our biggest competitors- look at them dead straight in their eyes to recognize what they are made to do? Let me tell you, it takes courage. If we are not careful, bitterness can come in to devastate. The last thing I want is to have bitterness seeping from my soul.

Upon returning to school for the fall semester, I have found myself in this tension. I have been running in my lane but then I look over and see my pals in the other lane sprinting... fast. My momentum begins to pick up and before I know it I am in a full on sprint to God knows where. The notion of doing and being and becoming overcame the purpose and the gifts that God had given me. 

There came a time where I was honest with myself. The courage raged inside allowing me the freedom to live in celebration. No one was out to get me or here to tease me along my lane. I had a choice: to live in resentment, bitterness and jealously or to live in freedom, an abundance of joy and celebration. 

It is a D A I L Y choice of the latter. To choose freedom, joy and celebration but I vow to this. Every day I choose to run in my lane. I have to constantly convince myself of this phrase. Run in your own lane. People are on my team as well as yours. Choose to look those around you in the eyes and choose to see their gifts. Because of course, the Lord made them and made Y O U to do what you do well. Believe it friends, because I believe in you. 

courtney wetzel