Usually at the beginning of the month you could find me giving a reflection. These reflections are filled with memories, lessons, songs and books. Of course, with the beginning of the year, I pushed myself to create something awesome and new. But I write to you at the beginning of February with nothing to give you but honesty.

The month of January felt like several months in one, giving me many great things to reflect upon. But we can all agree that sometimes our own thoughts get stuck and we could use some serious guidance in filtering and sorting through those thoughts. Today, my thoughts are overwhelmed and paralyzed in gratitude as my heart has been filled. There are many updates and excitement that I desire to share but I just do not believe that I am in the place to share. Whatever I could give, it would be incomplete and rushed.

Over the month of January, I have been journaling though and allowing the power of “writing things down” to captivate me. On one side of my journal, I write my “dimes” of my day which are unexpected joys that greeted me as my day progressed. Other pages are filled with dreams of future endeavors, things I must surrender, people who have been placed on my mind and how I can encourage them, and daily tasks that must leave my mind and take root elsewhere.

If your last month was anything like mine, I would like to extend a banner of grace. What I can share on this first Monday in February is a simple guide to take you through your own thoughts that may be jumbled. Here is a guide that can take you on your journey of sorting through many exciting ideas, memories, celebrations, and hard situations to begin your processing time.

This week, I encourage you to take some time to jot some words down and go through an exercise or two this week. I believe that after simply ten minutes of word dumping on paper, your head be more clear and your heart will be lighter. No, this may not solve your problems but it can be a simple escape into a healthy way to process this thing called life. Send this to your friends and discuss it over coffee. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

courtney wetzel