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My dear friend Fulgham and I love walks. During our walks, our conversations are fierce and convicting. This last walk, our discussion began right away about the comfort that we have been feeling with college.

There is a fine line of embracing the current season and acknowledging what is on the horizon.

Being in the moment could be a double edged sword when your soul refuses to recognize the changes that are coming. But in the same breath, when my mind finds itself in the future, I am missing what is happening right around me.

For two years I have been sitting pretty comfortably in where the Lord has put me. This is a rare phrase for me to say as my soul has tethered to discontentment in different seasons, yearning change and direction. For the first time in a long time, my dear soul is latching on, fearful that what is in store in the future will not be as great as what I am experiencing now.

I want to believe that I have not reached my peak and I really do not think that I have. It is okay to be content in this season and that is a new concept for me. It is new that I am not anxiously awaiting a new start. Maybe I am in fear with a lack of trust that the Lord has something just as full as what I am experiencing now.

Oh foolish one with little faith. Awake O Sleeper and remind yourself of what the Lord has done. Why would He be done with you?

You are a God of seasons. You are not done working and I am not done waiting.

All I know that in your seasons, you take your time.

Isn’t that a cool thought that we all function in seasons? Life stages and the weather, they are always evolving. Watching the leaves fall has a freeing sense to it. There is an exhale to the season ahead, shedding off the baggage of the year. 

Seasons come and that is expected. It is guaranteed that winter leads to spring that leads to summer that leads to autumn and over and over again. Because of His promises, we can rest assured in that.

That is the same in our lives. He keeps His promises of working for our good. He is a giver of good gifts that is given to those who love Him.

One of my new favorite songs declares this:

You keep your promises. I might not see it yet. You keep your promises.

There is hope within the breaking of the heart of every seed

And I know You feel the aching at the end of all good things

I believe in restoration, I believe that You redeem

Because I know somehow the sycamore will bloom again in spring

This is a declaration of truth that rallies my soul into believing the my dear Father has a plan. Seen in the seasons, I know that it is true.

At the end of my walk with Fulgham, we declared our tendencies in us of latching on to good. We will turn our need to control into our need to savor. As an end is occurring in the coming months, we will train our hearts to mourn the loss of the season.

But we are not there yet. We are still in this season, anticipating the next. Such a dichotomy of feelings that we are in. Ah but I know the good that the Lord has in store for us. Though I cannot begin to comprehend His goodness, I know that He is not done. 

In the moments of panic and fear, I need to take a moment. Take a moment to reflect and refocus. 

The anticipation is killing our souls but I ask that you pray for us. And for the many that are in the same boat. Regardless of the season you are in and the change that is coming, I ask that we rally together. Let us acknowledge but sing of the promises we know.

In our heart of hearts we know what is true.

He is a Promise Maker.

courtney wetzel