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Nothing about my life is normal. My job requires me to travel on a weekly basis to new universities so I can share just a bit of what I know about life, yet really, I receive so much more than I anticipated. My relationships are in flux constantly, and quality time with my dearest pals is held over FaceTime. Plans to create a beautiful celebration for the beginning of a covenant with my beloved are being made faster than I ever saw coming. I am initiating conversations that I really do not need to initiate, but I am.

And you know what? I look up from my exhaustive list of “un-normal” activity in my life to beautiful trees, with crystal lights hung like stars, in a quaint coffee shop with the hum of an espresso machine in the distance. No, life is not normal, but that is the thrill of it all.

“The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.”

As I share this with you, I want to express some wisdom that a dear friend passed along to me as I cried one Saturday afternoon via phone call (a new medium that I frequently communicate with.) As I was sharing my emotions with Aud, I was struck by the familiar feeling of my emotions being “too much," but together we declared that thought a LIE. Audrey told me that this lack of normal in my life could just be a glimpse of the normalization we are all trying to make on this side of Heaven. Everything in my life seems out of control and up in the air. Everything in this season is not known and not definite. But this is heart practice for the reality that I have no control no matter what.

Just how can I rally this weary soul to rejoice in the season ahead? Dear friends, please let a girl know.

Life is not normal, life seems a bit dark at times when my eyelids are heavy with weariness, yet God accomplished everything from darkness. Let’s look back at Genesis 1; it is evidence that He is powerful in making a way.

Dear friends, I wonder what He can do with my unknown. I wonder what will He do with YOUR unknown?

On the count of three, let’s release our grip of utter control to the thrill of unexpected surrender. One, two….

courtney wetzel