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You all know that I love stories. And many, many years ago today the greatest story ever unfolded before two obedient teenagers who humbly obeyed the calling. These two endured a journey that was just the beginning for a much bigger adventure ahead. In the hustle of the chaotic world a meek baby was born. Jesus came to us as a baby just like you and me.

A baby came to save the world to remind us of the sweet simplicity that comes with a child. Wise men and shepherds came from afar to come meet this baby, incredibly intrigued. This baby sparked a wonder in them. This wonder is quite a simple thing that seems to be pushed aside in the hustle of the season.

During the Holiday season, I have been seeking rest to receive the good news of Jesus. It is easy to hustle; can we all agree? There is something about the pace that is addicting and causes us to hide behind the instant gratification that the hustle creates. All of this preparation is for a day that is filled with family + friends. You might have been dreaming of this day all year with an expectant heart of what the day would hold, what the gathering would look like and if that special someone would enjoy that special gift.

Dear friend, I want you to breathe. You made it. The day is here and the day is almost over before you know it. But, I want to stop you right now. Do not miss the reason. Do not miss the reason why we gather our people around a table and around a tree.

There is a simple wonder; a wonder that allows for reflection. The wonder that came in form of a baby allows for you and I to rest and receive the gift. The gift of eternal life in and through Him.

So today, stop your hustle. Breathe deep, count your dimes, acknowledge the wonder and let your soul be merry. Well done good and faithful servant. We so yearn this season yet wish it away in the hustle. Slow your role today because before we know it, another year will pass and another habit will form and our weary souls will latch to that trajectory of hustle.

Merry Christmas my dear friends. My prayer is that you may never lose the wonder.

courtney wetzel