For a couple of days it has been nothing but cloudy. I believe that the weather can really affect a person’s mood, and I have experienced that first hand. My thoughts have not been clear, I have been sad for no reason, and I have noticed myself being pretty sensitive. Every little thing has either hurt my feelings, evoked emotion, or frustrated me.

On Thursday night I was on a plane headed back to Dallas from Memphis. On the ground it was rainy, and it took us some time to get well into the air. As we ascended, it was bumpy and a little shaky. Once we got right above the clouds, I noticed something. The space above was clear, beautiful with pinks, oranges, and yellows as the sun was about to set. Down below was still dark and gray, yet the atmosphere above was quite different.

Think about it. We run around down below with our heads under the clouds searching for an answer, making a way, looking down to pave our own path. But simplicity is found above the storm, above the clouds. There’s a storm happening down below, but I would not have ever known by looking out of my window on that flight. Oh the sight that I was seeing.

We are told to lift our heads and to look up to the author and perfecter of our faith. Where does our help come from? It comes from above. So dear friends, this mundane plane ride turned into a pivotal moment for me as I made the connection to this undesirable feeling that had taken root in my dear soul for far too long.

The clouds in my life are dark, the wind is picking up, and the air is crushing me. My gaze is looking right down onto myself as I just watch my own feet walk the path. But dearest one, what if I just picked my head up and pushed myself above the clouds? I could find the vibrant colors and clear skies.

One of my favorite songs read:

“As I dwell up here where the air is clear where the light is bright and there is no more fear.

I know my place and I know my name, I know that you called me to do great things.”

Dear friends, where will you dwell this week? We have a choice here. As the hustle of the holidays catch up to me, and the tasks of work come knocking for my attention, I have a choice to make. I can welcome the duties with a firm knowledge of where I dwell and whom I am dwelling with. How about you?

courtney wetzel