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We live in a hustling world that feels the need for instant gratification and “moving along.”

Last week, I shared with you all this idea of searching. For far too long, I was finding myself pacing around trying to grasp this “vision” I had for my life. I found myself running around for an answer that was right in front of me all along.

My dad and I have this tradition of going to Mi Cocina at any opportunity we have when I am home in Dallas. One day over the break, we had lunch at our beloved lunch spot in our beloved booth. For about an hour, we exchanged thoughts and agendas with each other, but never really talking. We finish our lunch and head home. I kid you not, we pull up to the house and my dad begins to talk about his childhood memories. WE HAD A WHOLE HOUR AND NOW HE CHOOSES TO TELL ME ABOUT HIS CHILDHOOD? I had somewhere to be, but I just sat still and listened.

Something I admire about my dad is that he takes his time, and he is thorough. I've learned that I just get caught up in the hustle, that I do not allow myself to stay around long enough to really know him. When I really take the time to think about it, this has been true through my life.

I wonder, if I would have waited just a little bit longer, lingered slightly so, if I would have received more peace in this process. The process of making a decision for what my next step would be. Yet my soul, who yearns to hustle, got so caught up in the process of running that it blew past the fact that slowing down could help. Even more than simply slowing down, lingering is something else we must consider.

Because think of this. How do we really get to know someone? We usually take the time to dive deeper and stay a little bit longer to know receive depth.

This week, I urge you, when your soul wants to hustle and just “figure it out,” let yourself linger. Linger long enough to really listen and to really receive.


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