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On Saturday, I spent the first morning of September around the breakfast table with some of the greatest people. Morning conversations lingered followed by laughter and jokes. I found myself back in the beloved state of Texas, driving home from a slumber party with my closest people. The sun was shining, the humid summer air made its way out as the crisp September breeze loomed in. I found myself still and quiet as I drove home, finally allowing my thoughts to catch up. Feeling of peace and contentment were welling inside my heart.

What I began to think about was how thankful I am for my life. I mean, it is just crazy how much life has happened over the last two weeks while I have been on the road. I have been in my own little world, being fed the lies that I was lonely and forgotten. Yet, I was soon humbly reminded of the greatest gifts I have received.

The last couple of weeks on the road have been wonderful and exciting, but nothing beats driving through your hometown and being taken care of by your people. What a gift this life is, dear friends, and obeying God is fun. Yes, it can be hard, but we can be confident of His goodness.

To be honest, I am learning to practice feeling in the chaos instead of choosing to numb my way through high energy moments. My thoughts are scattered and my body is weary, but the one truth I know is that life is a gift, and the Giver is good. Over and over again, I sing this truth in my heart and cling to this as I find myself in another state, encountering and encouraging other women.

This life my friends, is a gift. Whatever religion you believe, in or lifestyle you partake in, we can all firmly believe this. CAN WE AGREE? This week, I urge you, brothers and sisters, to stop, take a deep breath, and look around. Goodness, I can cry just thinking about this. I mean my goodness, I am just speechless and beyond thankful for being thought worthy for opportunities put before me. Even in the pain, even in the chaos, this life we live is a gift. Go out, look around, and look beyond yourself, maybe you will be surprised.

courtney wetzel