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The girls in my pledge class told ourselves that we would not get sad about graduating until April 1. But I do want to say this: I walked out of my last football game as student on Saturday evening. Kyle greeted me, fearful and all, many days ago as an eager freshman. With all of my insecurities and quirks, I walked into that stadium with new friends each week for many semesters.

Everyday I walk passed the beloved stadium. Each day I do my best to take a deep breath. As I do so, I hear the roar of the fans. What a privilege it is to attend a school with tradition and pride. Kyle Field is a reminder and symbol of the camaraderie of community and authenticity.

Reflection has taken over my mind the last week. I am not sure where the shift has occur as I have been just fine thus far. But it was not until last week that reality has set in. Seasons are changing and new seasons are among me. Though, they are not predictable nor known, I vow to walk in confidence and obedience just as I have. No new fear can have a stronghold on me.

In the reflection, I will praise. I will sit in gratitude at the memories that knock on my heart, begging to come inside. I will allow it. I will allow the tender moments that are now faint memories to bring themselves back into my thoughts, not to upset me but to share the goodness of the Lord.

So Kyle Field, thank you for being the first of many memories that are allowing me to sing praises. You hold a special community in you and I am thrilled to bring my own family back here one day, just you wait.

courtney wetzel