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Six weeks into the hustle of school has left a faint memory of summer. However, when I allow my mind to catch up to my weary body, memories of summer cover my soul with a tender reminder of comfort.

Home holds a sweet spot in my heart, but home has looked like a lot of different places in the past year. My childhood home has become another little girl’s home. A home where she will bring her friends to jump on the trampoline. A home with a playroom that is filled with endless possibilities to play house and barbies in. A home where she will be picked up and dropped off from her first date, where the driveway will hold room to stargaze and day-dream. I moved out of my childhood house that held countless imprints of time in every corner of the house, yet home never left me.

This summer I was reminded that home is found in people. I shared memories with mom and dad as we sat on the back patio with dinner in hand. Memories were exchanged as I sat at the kitchen table, surrounded by four beautiful girls that taught me far more than I ever expected.

As humans we are given hyper-specific feelings that simply are not meant for words. That is what the sense of home is for me- an overwhelming feeling that is far greater than I could ever put into words. Friends, let us begin to find the image of home in the comfort of our people. 


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