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For the last four years, Allison and I have been greeting the new year with reflecting and refocusing. In this time, we decide on a word or a phrase we want the depths of our hearts to latch on to and be reminded of for the year ahead.

In 2015, embrace was our theme. This was the year that college was new and adventure was awaiting. We wanted to ensure that we both were able to embrace the moments. We wanted to embrace the good, the bad, the joy, the lasts and the beginnings. Some days, simple texts were sent to each other to remember the truth of our year.

In 2016, rooted was a thought that we wanted to uphold as Allison was graduating from high school and coming to college. We wanted to remember our roots, and to stand firm. This year was filled with change and growth that started with a foundation.

In 2017, humble obedience for eternal victory allowed for a year of walking out in faith. We recognized that there is freedom found in the eternal victory of heaven, but to feel that freedom, we must humbly obey His calling for our lives. This calling may not be easy, but it is worth it. While at one point, I was learning humble obedience, Allison was learning eternal victory. Half way through the year, we changed in our circumstances, and the Lord allowed each of us to learn the latter part of the phrase. For this year, I was able to cling these truths in duties and opportunities.

Now, 2018 has a phrase that we pray will transform our hearts. We decided that we will be reminded through the phrase of, He lavishes grace in hard and holy things. Allison and I discussed our desperate need to hold on to His grace that He has already given us. We are aware that we are made for hard and holy things. The Lord has allowed us to go out and do these things by His will and strength. We are praying to stop the hustle in the hard and holy things. Instead we hope to have the freedom that is found in His grace. I am eager to see how this plays itself out as I graduate in May and start my job. As my heart yearns to prove, I pray that His grace lavishes my heart. Hard and holy things are ahead in the year, but I am excited to rest in His grace. Nothing on my own doing, but His will be done.

We urge you to do the same. Rally behind your people and let a word or phrase of truth grow your friendship together. Let vulnerability rule, to allow for authenticity, to dwell between you relationships.

courtney wetzel