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With the Holiday season on the horizon, we have been taught to begin rallying our minds around the art of gratitude. We begin to think about what we are thankful for, and what the year held for us. The pieces fall together as we take time in reflection.

We all understand that in a blink of an eye, the season will pass, another holiday season will be gone, and back to reality we'll all go. But something I want to try this season is to create in us a new appreciation and understanding of gratitude that we can take with us once the lights and honey glazed food is finished.

You see, having a grateful heart can be found in the mundane of daily tasks. It can be seen in the little blessings that we each experience. It is found in the people we surround ourselves with, in the laundry we do, the class we sit in, the tests we take, the work we show up to each day, and the conversations we have in a coffee shop.

But even still, gratitude can well up in the deepest parts of our souls, in the heartbreaking moments. The tears come and the gratefulness can swell up as a reminder that everything will be okay.

This month, we will embark on a series on Gratitude through the stories of dear friends. My hope is that through their recollections and thoughts you are inspired to reshape your gratitude this season.

courtney wetzel