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The hustle and excitement of goal setting has been looming over the beginning of 2019. With all of the reflecting and refocusing, detoxing and organizing, all of which I LOVE and thrive while doing, is tied to expectations and pressures.

To be honest, the beginning of the year can be quite overwhelming. Everyone around us is asking about our goals, PDFs are being shared to help jumpstart our year, diet plans are of the current crave, and all sorts of planners are being bought. But we are stuck, paralyzed in fear of where to even begin.

Today, I want to extend grace. My hope is that the beginning of this year can bring you freedom and joy. I have to remind myself that my year will not go to dust if I do not sit, plan, and vision cast. All of these things are wonderful gifts and talents that many of us are passionate about, but dear one, it is okay to not have the ability nor the desire to do so. Your year will be perfectly fine.

But what I urge you all to do is give yourself an hour. During this hour, reflect on 2018 as you recount the big things and the little things. Think about trips you took, people you met, and fears you overcame. In that reflection, rejoice and celebrate and give thanks.

Boom, easy.

Now, move on to refocus your mind for 2019. What areas would you like to grow, both relationally and spiritually. Think through some action items that have been dreams and aspirations that have stirred in your heart. Write them out and allow the freedom to overwhelm your heart.

That is all I ask of you. My prayer is that you experience a new freedom. No pressure is upon you, and more excitement lays on your heart. My hope is that this can extend a moment for you to exhale.

Do it with me now, breathe in and breathe out.

Welcome 2019, we are glad you are here.

courtney wetzel