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For the last week, I have been reliving moments from this night. Images and memories are etching their way into my heart. As I am still processing this deal that happened one Friday evening in the crisp evening of October, I am sending unbelievable praises for His work.

People have been asking how this idea came about for Gather & Grow. This idea to form a conference for women to create and dream together. To be honest, I am not sure where this came from. The thoughts evolved and one thing lead to the next and here we are on the other side.

All I know is that I wanted a space for women to be empowered, equipped and encouraged in their creative endeavors. To have a community molded together to use their passions for purpose. There is something sacred about gathering individuals together. There is power in community that can far exceed a single man. I wanted to connect women together that vary across the board. From there, I wanted these women to experience the growth that can come from such community. 

The three speakers have played a vital role in my life, even in a short period of time. With all of the wisdom I have gained from these women, I wanted my peers to experience the same. The conversations rolled around the topics of networking, community and identity. Being able to step back and see the women that have pierced truth into my ever-being doing just the same to my dear friends is all I wanted.

At one point, I looked around the room to see the wheels turning in each of the women. I could see ideas forming and inspiration seeping from their souls. 

We had vendors that ranged from jewelry, calligraphy and baking that shared their gifts with us that evening. The night was filled with collaboration and support. In the hustle of this generation, I wanted to have women rally behind each other and say "I am on your team." 

My hope is to go beyond thinking creatively for just one night. I want to continue the pursuit of using passion and talents for good. My heart desires for women to feel empowered, be equipped and leave encouraged. 

On my hands and knees I have been praying for this night and this vision. I prayed that He would get me out of the way and He did. The Lord has favor for Gather & Grow and it was evident. 

The night was a dream and this dream will continue itself into the Spring. Be on the look out for Gather & Grow 2018- we would love to save you a seat at the table. 

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