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This last week, Texas was given a glimpse of Spring. The weather was sunny and clean, greeting dearest Courtney with an eager anticipation for the season ahead. You know, I am an Autumn gal through and through, but last week I experienced this hopeful excitement well up in my heart for Spring. When the groundhog saw his shadow declaring that Spring is indeed on its way, my heart was ready.

But just like that, the glimpse was gone, and Winter weather came back. Within an hour it dropped thirty degrees, but alas, I am thankful for the sweetest glimpse. I even write to you from the Winter Wonderland of Salt Lake City, Utah.

This glimpse allowed me to know that the Lord is doing a work in my life RIGHT NOW. He is changing and molding and creating something new in me that I cannot miss out on. Yes, my excitement may be for a season ahead, but the reality is now. So I lift my head up to acknowledge that I am in a sorority house in Utah, snow is freely falling, and my heart is giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. I just returned from a dinner of delicious food and life giving conversation with two college women who are truly one of a kind. All of these moments would be lost if I got stuck daydreaming on what is ahead. A good ponder is okay, but I must gently bring myself back to the present moment.

I am thankful for contentment as I eagerly anticipate sweet Spring. What is your great anticipation?

courtney wetzel