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It was on a charter bus sitting next to a dear friend, Liza, that I was introduced to the idea of “daily declarations.”

You know that feeling when life is speaking louder than truth, and you cannot seen to hush those loud voices? Yes dear friend, this daily habit can wildly alter the way our minds think and what our hearts fully believe.

Recently, these voices of lies and deceit have taken root deep in my soul. Why? Because I began to believe the statements that those silly voices nestled in my mind began to declare. Scripture says that sheep know their Shepherd’s voice. My sincerest prayer is that we quiet ourselves and teach our hearts to recognize that voice. This voice is Truth.

What has been helping me in the pursuit to Truth are several things:

  1. Any chance I get, I read the Psalms. I pick out characteristics of God and simple truths that make an radical impact. I challenge myself to memorize passages as arsenal to combat this battle.

  2. A dear friend once said that when she felt down in the dumps about herself, she would blast Ellie Holcomb. I believe in the Lord gifting people with talents, and Ellie Holcomb is one of them. Ellie sings what I like to call “heart songs.” In these songs, she sings truth that can be repeated over and over again in our minds. Some of my favorite “heart song” singers are Ellie Holcomb, JJ Heller and Christy Nockels.

  3. That bus ride with Liza was followed by a coffee date at Royal Blue Grocery where she reminded me a year later about Daily Declarations. Liza has 23 declarations that she reminds herself of everyday. She encouraged me to do the same.

We live in a world that is loud. Noises are all around us and we cannot seem to distinguish truth from lies, lets us cling tight to the word of God, our sword in every battle. Let us make our own declarations and sing loud the truth that should replace the lies. I encourage you, dear friend, to make your own daily declarations and share them with your people. Get up each day and boldly proclaim truth.


Courtney’s Daily Declarations:

  1. I will choose celebration over comparison.

  2. I will cling and declare truth daily as I dwell in His word.

  3. I will not let life speak louder than truth.

  4. I will choose to be uncomfortable.

  5. I will rest in peace because He is the Prince of Peace.


courtney wetzel