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This past weekend my dear friends threw a fun celebration that began this new season that I will be embarking on. There are not enough words to say how thankful and grateful I am. Celebrating my people is a favorite of mine. It is easy to celebrate all of my people but I have a difficult time being the one that is rallied around. But this weekend, I let go and allowed myself to enjoy. I constantly reminded myself of the truth that I have nothing to prove or even nothing to earn to receive this excitement.

In this season of celebrating marriage that is quickly among us, I am reminded of the reason of marriage. Daniel and I strive to pursue marriage as a way to love Jesus together and to make Him known together. In this anticipation where the parties and the showers begin, we hope that our people feel the same. In the celebration of our marriage, we desire that other people feel the same radical pursuit of Jesus. We desperately want our people to be celebrated as we gather together for the mystery of the greatest gift called marriage.

I want to simply thank each and everyone one of you that choose to celebrate. I am beyond thankful for the women in my life with selfless and kind hearts that are willing to spend an afternoon and evening celebrating a twenty-three year old who is about to embrace marriage head first. My heart is thankful for this season of celebration.


Photos by: Audrey Spiars

courtney wetzel