The beginning of September was used as a reset for my life. The month of August was filled with new beginnings, constant travel, sad goodbyes, and refreshing hellos. Making my way into the new month, I was reminded of a simple thought- obeying God is fun.

At the end of the summer, I was having a conversation with my friend Audrey. We were recounting what the Lord was doing in our lives and at one point up, she looked over at me and said, “Courtney, obeying God is fun.”

Amen sister, amen. Isn’t that the truth?! I began to think about what God has asked me to do and what He has given me a front row seat to. Now, let me tell you, it is not easy and it is painful. When I was sharing this thought weeks later with a friend, he raised a good point. Think back to working out. At the beginning of the pursuit to fitness, it is a long road. Our bodies ache, we dread the process, and we truly do not enjoy ourselves. But as we continue to workout, each time gets easier. I think back to running. It was a BEATING in the beginning, but now I thoroughly look forward to that time each day, and the excitement it brings me to go mile by mile.

Now you see, dear friends, obedience to God is the same. Back in 2017, my year phrase with a beloved sister Allison was “humble obedience for eternal victory.” We recognized that there is freedom in the obedience. Naturally, I want to do things well and I want to follow God’s will. Yet, God’s will is through the scripture and comes at no surprise. So we must lean in, see what is already revealed and keep walking.

What things are you walking through that the door is wide open for? Keep walking in obedience and keep listening. Once the door closes, pick another one. Simple words I know but a difficult practice. But if I just step away and gain a wider perspective, it truly is that simple.

Maybe you feel as if God may not be happy with you because chaos is wreaking havoc in your life. In the chaos, rest in His nearness. Obedience, in that moment, can seem hard. Invite people into that. I know that I would rally behind you and pray on my hands and knees for you to experience His peace. It is not an easy ride in obedience but I know that it is worth it.

courtney wetzel