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The way that the seasons tell a story is a captivating reality that we live in.

I’m a gal that loves the slowness of the season of Autumn; the way it winds off of a busy summer and cools off with warm colors. In the fall, ideas are harvested and nested deep within my heart. There is something about cultivating and embracing and abiding in the crisp season rallies a peace in my soul. But my comfort gets acquainted with the pace and my grip latches on. My hardened heart is not fond of change, and the season of Spring puts a bitter taste in my mouth

Harvest allowed for a slower pace, allowed for deep dreaming, and time to be available. The aroma of fall reminded me of h o m e. But when it is time to say goodbye to that pace and move on to the next, my heart has a hard time saying goodbye.

But with my unwillingness to let go of one season and welcome in the next, is a rejection of the Lord’s plan and provision in this life. Can you imagine a time that growth does not occur and only nature is storing instead of creating? Even though the season of Fall is a wonderful time of anticipation, I must allow for the next to unfold.

The season of Spring was something I never really liked. However, I am learning the discipline of embracing the current season of life to experience the fullness of what the Lord created this place to be.

In the Spring, there is newness, vibrancy, excitement, growth, redemption and abundance. I see the parallel in nature with the chirping of the birds, an evening thunderstorm, green trees that drape over houses in the neighborhood, flowers in bloom, and the dead branches that once hung low are now standing tall + mighty.

Though this pace may be fast and the growth is abounding far more than I ever expected, I must rally my mind and my soul to cling to the here and now and pray for the not yet. Because in this season of Spring, I dare not to miss the utter beauty that the Lord has so strategically placed as I am racing for the Autumn.

Dear friends, let us think about the seasons in our lives. We are all experiencing excitement, sorrow, change, and expectancy through our families, education, and jobs. I don’t want us to  miss the divine appointment of this Spring season.

I pray that the Lord cultivates a new admiration in your heart for where you are right now.


courtney wetzel