One of my favorite things is that throughout the Bible, there are letters spread out. These letters are filled with instruction, reflection, and declaration. On this Monday, I want to share a letter to you. The thing is, we are all on a journey. It is a cool thing to have people alongside such a journey to relish and laugh in what is occurring. Today, it is my privilege to share this letter with you- all the way from Guatemala.

Dearest Friends,

I write to you from the beloved country of Guatemala. Today is the first day of camp, where hundreds of kids are anxiously awaiting at the gates to come in to be celebrated and loved. But most importantly, these kids are coming to receive the Love of Christ. Oh I pray that the Lord covers this farm with His steadfast goodness and faithfulness. Join me, dear friends, in the prayer for safety and dedication of the Americans as we open up our arms to our dear friends. Friends are coming to camp for another year of tasting the Lord’s goodness. I ask, beloved sisters and brothers, that you pray for our reunions set the tone for the week. I pray for the leaders that will teach; that they get out of the way to allow His name to be known.

Let the comfort of the known be stripped away to allow for desperate dependence on the Lord. I pray for conversations and for the Gospel to be shared. The excitement is here, and I pray that the enemy trembles and flees at the sight of the Lord’s work.

Today, I get to unveil a part of my sinful heart to my friends. Over the last year, I have been caught up in my own hustle to prove my own worth. I began to convince myself that my worth was found in my success and my achievements. I soon began to consciously think that I had to win God's love. YET, I knew in my heart that is not true but the enemy in subtle ways convinced me otherwise. 

So this morning, I get to look these dear friends in the eyes and tell them that I too am believing the lie that they are believing. This morning, I will lie my pride aside and invite them into my weakness. I ask, dear friends, that you pray for their response. 

Thank you, beloved friends, for joining me this morning in the sweetest community. 

courtney wetzel