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My dearest pals, this is just for you. This is a monthly series that will invite us into each other's lives and create community. Each month, I want to share with you my own personal account of what the Lord is doing and what in the world I was up to. Along with this reflection, I want share the things that I am loving; the podcasts I've been listening to, the books I've been reading, and the music I've jammed to.


This is the best part. Each month, I will GIVE YOU a printable PDF that will have guided questions that can stir reflection and refocus. This is only for my dear subscribers that has followed me on this journey. Invite your friends to this community and challenge them to subscribe to join this family.

The month of July has come to an end, but has left a lasting impact. This month has given me a refreshment through the lense of Grace that has always been available to me. I don't know about you, but I realized that I was my own barrier. Through experiences with Guatemala and getting back into my work schedule, I have seen this tug in me that has allowed me to see that I have always struggled in this regard.

The idea of freedom has rallied in my mind this month, and my heart began to prepare for the adventure that is ahead with my new job traveling for Chi Omega.

Tension was raised on my heart as I hustled many days of the week to work, but the moment I stopped to rest, shame and guilt laid a banner over me that was never meant to be worn.

The coming weeks of July upon my arrival home from Guatemala were filled with the wrestling of the white flag of surrender that I could not bear to hold myself.

Reunions were had with roommates, friends, and family. Many dinners were had on a picnic blanket, many Starbucks were cried in with my weepy heart, anxious with what was at hand. Freedom was waiting patiently for an embrace that had been available all along.

So this month, victory was chosen. A daily battle began, a battle for FREEDOM. Not just any freedom, but WILD FREEDOM. Oh do I encourage you to pick up the book, Wild and Free. Take some time in that book of truth.

When I think back to July though, I think of how kind it really was. I think back to the family time that I had with my own family, my best friend’s family, and my beloved’s family. The Fourth of July is now a holiday that I am fond of because it allows me to eat popsicles for breakfast and watermelon at every meal. I think of the reunions with my dear Guatemalan’s, I think of the processing that occurred with so many kind friends of mine that were ready to see what I saw, as they allowed me the space to just speak. Oh the wedding I attended that was FILLED with celebration of a beloved sister of mine that I have grown to love over the years as she first taught me the gospel, and in return, she asked me to read scripture at her wedding. The couches I sat on with mentor women that poured love and wisdom into my heart. The Lord was kind to my dear friends who are now engaged and came to Guatemala quickly after. Oh the laughs and pillow talks that were had in Guatemala and the experiences that I shared with my dearest friends. I think of my job with Chi Omega that allows me to work from home, travel to many different places over the United States to empower and encourage college women, a group that I have grown to adore. The Lord has kindly given me glimpse into the already but not yet. I had sweet conversations with children that call me by my full name, that tug on my fingers and linger at my feet.


Dear friends, this month was good. I share this with you because I care- I care about who you are and how our stories entangle. I share this because the Lord is up to something in YOUR life. I share this with you because I have tasted the Lord’s goodness and obeying Him is fun. Thank you God for the sweet month. Here’s to what is ahead!




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